About the Mighty No. 9 3DS “Port” being made by Engine Software..

Original post:

Mighty No 9The Mighty No.9 Nintendo 3DS Port Is Being Handled By Engine Software.

Engine Software apparently is a Dutch company, so I’m amused by this, being Dutch myself. I wonder how much the 3DS and Vita versions will differ from their console counterparts (I personally backed for the Wii U version), and from eachother, actually, considering the Vita is a more powerful system than the 3DS.

Either way, I hope Mighty No. 9 will be an enjoyable game.. I feel like it’s turned out a tad rough around the edges, and I was hoping for a bit more polish. I won’t knock it too much before trying it, though! I’m sure it’ll at least be worth the money I backed the game with. 😉

Have you looked into the game? If so, what do you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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