My Xperience with Xenoblade Chronicles X

This article was written a couple of months ago, but I figured I’d release it anyways. 😉

I have spent a bunch of time with this game. A game I was excited to play ever since it’s announcement as “X”, along with its first trailer. It’s one of the few games I own for the Wii U, and the first title where I thought “I have to play that!”

Now that I’ve spent a lot of hours on it, I can’t say it has disappointed, per se. Rather, I’m having a really good time, but do run into some issues that are a bit of an annoyance when added together. I’m not the first one to name some of these, but I’m naming them to confirm they bothered me during my own experience.

Firstly, vagueness about collectibles and/or enemy drops. Missions that want you to hunt specific monsters allow you to use the Follow Ball, which leads you to objectives and is given to you rather early in the game. Gathering missions, however for some reason don’t seem to, and also don’t show on your Gamepad map called FrontierNav. This had me ask Google for help pretty often, as the continents of the game- which are one of its biggest strengths, pun not intended- are so huge I never really knew where to start looking.

Secondly, I really hate that you can’t cancel story missions after you accept them. This probably has something to do with preventing situations of: fighting bosses, getting exp/drops, cancelling, then re-accepting the missions to get exp/drops again. This could be easily prevented by having ”temporary” exp/drop storage which you only get after you complete a story mission entirely. Now I was stuck in Chapter 12 because I was too low a level to beat the final boss. I had to grind and recruit a max-level player (as an NPC) solely to get my freedom of accepting affinity quests/swap out 2 characters that were required for the quest.. Which is kind of weird in the first place, since a LOT of recruit-able party members come along on that quest anyway.

Thirdly, just too much to keep track of, or maybe the way how just wasn’t convenient enough? On one hand, I love the amount of stuff you can do to build your character (and recruitable characters) by upgrading artes and setting/upgrading skills and equipment and the like. What I don’t like is that you’re required to for the recruitable members too, and never get reminded of it either. There are times where I keep wondering why some members are so slow, only to find they have a bazillion BP and I haven’t upgraded a single arte/skill.

Despite this not worring about this, I’ve quickly grinded some members up by fighting lvl 50/60+ monsters in Oblivia, by assigning them lvl 20/30 Skells and controlling my lvl 50 Skell myself. It really saves time using this method, let me tell you that!

(From this point on I’m writing more recently)

At the moment, I’ve moved on to other games, such as Pokkén, and I wonder if I’ll play X more. I feel like there’s a lot more to do in it, but I’m not sure if I want to keep going anymore. I might update this article with the amount of hours I’ve played now, and maybe I’ll pop it in when I have someone over to show them the beauty of the world from all kinds of angles. I definitely liked the game a lot, it did feel like there could have been certain improvements as I way playing, though it’s been too long to recall what exactly those were. But I don’t regret getting the limited edition one bit. And I’m sure to get Monolith Soft’s next project too (well, depending on what it is of course), because these guys and gals sure know how to make an awesome experience in my opinion.


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