Born on October 30th 1990, Roy has always had an interest in video games growing up. He believes this is possibly due to his mother playing MegaMan 2 and other NES games while he was in the womb. He has had an affinity with languages like English and Japanese because he was a fan of Power Rangers and other shows that featured morphing/transformations/fusing growing up, and speaks Dutch, English, a tiny bit of German, and can recognize some Japanese words.

Roy has generally been more on the Nintendo side of the video game industry, keeping up with consoles and handhelds since Gamecube and Gameboy, though he’s dipped his feet in other waters as well, currently owning a PS3 and PSVita, as well as a Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS.

Being somewhat shy, Roy was reluctant to create a YouTube channel. After having made some game footage+audio videos only, he tried doing a Let’s Play of The Last Story, though he was dissatisfied with it and stopped playing the game after a while because Pandora’s Tower caught his eye, which he also did a Let’s Play on at the time. After a while, he decided to start a second (dutch) channel with one of his best friends, which can be found here.


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